• レストアテスト&訓練
  • /var/afbackup のバックアップ
  • minimum_restore_infoの扱い決める
  • smbmountなりなんなりでWin側もバックアップ


cp: reading `/home/nickle/backup_work/himeyuri_hdd_c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/.gtk-bookmarks': 入力/出力エラーです

$ dmesg
smb_add_request: request [e2498e40, mid=61398] timed out!
smb_proc_readX_data: offset is larger than SMB_READX_MAX_PAD or negative!
smb_proc_readX_data: -59 > 64 || -59 < 0


I've just upgraded to 2.6.10 and the problem has completely disappeared.


268 :login:Penguin:2006/03/23(木) 16:17:26 ID:cJ/0S2FE

269 :login:Penguin:2006/03/23(木) 18:28:34 ID:u4FH3D9N
smartctl -data -a /dev/sda 

270 :login:Penguin:2006/03/23(木) 19:47:22 ID:M9zizDOa





The directory, where varying files should be put in. These
files should not be deleted. The information they contain is
necessary for the server to work properly



To save the output of a command, supply (in double quotes) a
triple bar |||, followed by a space and the command. Another
triple bar must follow, after that another command doing the
opposite of the first one. This command gets the data written
by the first one as input at restore time. A triple sharp ###
and a comment may follow.


A file with the name supplied here can be present in any
directory. It should contain a list of file-/directory-names
(or glob-style patterns), that should be skipped during backup.
Each entry must be in an own line. The given names/patterns are
valid only in the same directory, where the file resides. Thus
each directory can have it's individual exclusion list.



ripped from /usr/share/doc/afbackup/FAQ.gz

34: How to make afbackup reuse/recycle tapes automatically ?

There are two parameters in the client side configuration, that affect
reusing tapes. One of them is NumIndexesToStore. A new index file is
started with each full backup. For all existing indexes the backup data
listed inside of them is protected from being overwritten on the server.
This is achieved by telling the server, that all tapes, the data has
been written to, are write protected. The parameter NumIndexesToStore
tells the client side, how many indexes in addition to the current one
that is needed in any case are kept. More i.e. older index files are
removed and the related tapes freed.

A common pitfall is, that the
number configured here is one too high. If the number is e.g. 3, the
current index file plus 3 older indexes are kept, not 3 in total. 

Note furthermore, that afbackup only removes an older index, when the next
full backup has succeeded.

DaysToStoreIndexes can be configured the number of
days, how old index file contents may become.

Amanda afbackup
Can backup file system whose size is bigger than a tape. NO(2) YES
> Why not ?
Can append to tape. NO(4) YES
> Normal append is supported since ever. As of version
> 3.2.6 full append mode is implemented, i.e. also, if
> an administrator has requested to write to another
> tape now, the current one will be appended to, if there
> is no space left on any available tape. Since 3.2.7
> there is also a variable append mode making the server
> append to any supplied tape having remaining space
> and not being in read-only state
Supports a tape verify option (just verifying the tape) YES NO
> Don't see the use of this.
Supports a data verify option (compare with fs). NO(5) YES
> (very pedantic)
Database backup support (by saving arbitrary dump
command output) NO YES
> No, Amanda requests it to be sent to a file, first.
>> So e.g. for an online database backup a huge
>> temporary disk space is required
Per file preprocessing (for safety, if the whole stream
is e.g. compressed and a single bit is wrong during restore
all the rest is lost) NO YES
> Amanda compresses the whole backup if requested.
>> (AF's comment: crazy in my opinion)